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Kokoda - A Powerful Experience

The Back Track Team would love to have you join us on the Track. The 2014 trekking season commenced on April 25 (Anzac Day) with our 4 Anzac Day Teams commemorating the event on the summit battlefield of Brigade Hill, in the middle of the 96 kilometre Kokoda Track. The most remote (and we think, one of the most emotional) Anzac Day ceremonies held anywhere in the world. Truly, an uplifting experience that you can be part of in 2015.

Our Kokoda Track trek is a journey into Australia's wartime history. It is as important a part of Australian history as Gallipoli. Our trek itinerary combines the complete Kokoda war time story that will chillingly haunt every step you take, with a world class, challenging, jungle bushwalking experience and an inspiring cultural interaction with our trek crew and the villagers we meet along the Track. We believe it is a pilgrimage every Australian should seriously consider.

Back Track’s '9' walking days, sensible professional itinerary is the best itinerary to fully appreciate the Kokoda Experience.

Back Track trekkers are everyday Australians, just like you, just like us. Trekkers join us for a variety of reasons, all of which are valid. Many are seeking an understanding of the Kokoda campaign, while others have had family who had fought and some had died in PNG during the war. Some are seeking an exhilarating physical and mental challenge, while others are striving to achieve a goal, a personal challenge, a tick-off from a life list of challenges and achievements. Whatever the reason, trekking the Kokoda Track is a powerful experience awaiting anyone prepared to take it on. You will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Back Track - Kokoda Trekking Professionals

Kokoda Track Authority Licensed Operator Back Track AdventuresBack Track has been trekking the Kokoda Track since 2002 and trekking worldwide for 30 years. Our respect for the local people, the Track history, the soldiers who fought for every inch of that rugged jungle path and our trekking professionalism is second to none. We operate our own Back Track office in Port Moresby and employ local office staff and trekking crew. All our trek staff come from villages along the Kokoda Track.

Our commitment to all  trekkers on every trek we lead across the Kokoda Track is to:

  • Provide a safe, caring, small team trek, professionally lead, that ensures all our trekkers have the best opportunity to complete the Track and achieve their personal goals. Our safety and trekkers completion record in 12 years on the Track is second to none.
  • Preserve the Track for its historical, cultural and environmental significance for the generations of Australians yet to experience the Track.
  • Support local PNG enterprises by buying all products and services required for our operations directly from local villages and PNG businesses and to work with local interests to spread the wealth generated by trekkers and tourists.
  • Provide assistance to improve the quality of life for villages along the Track through our own Giving Back programme as well as provide support for the work of the Kokoda Track Foundation